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Pupuseria Abbi (Paty1)

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Categoría: Pupuserias
Comidas: Desayuno, Almuerzo, Cena, Pupusas
Rango de Precios: $0-$10
Área Externa: Si
Parqueo: Si
Km. 10.5 Carr. a Panchimalco
Despues del Mirador, en el desvio de Panchimalco
San Salvador, San Salvador
Teléfonos: 2280-8207, 2280-8856
Sitio web:

Pupuseria Abbi (Paty1)

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Home to the Guiness Book of World Records' Largest Pupusa Award, which measured 2 meters in diameter when created in 2001.

Doña Abbi y toda la empresa, ABBI PUPUSERIA, se sienten orgullos de haber elaborado el 12 de noviembre de  2001 la pupusa mas grande del mundo con 2 metros de diámetro. al evento asistieron mas de 300 personas y en compañía de medios de comunicación nacionales e internacional  “la pupusa mas grande del mundo” fue un gran éxito para deleite de los invitados e indudablemente al nivel de entrar en los Guiness Récord.

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I was really excited to try out the famous Pupuseria Abbi, or as they refer to it in Los Planes, Paty 1. That's right. There's Paty 1 and Paty 2. Both run by the same family, but in different parts of Los Planes. Paty 1 is the Mirador branch. Paty 2 is the Parque Balboa branch. Anyway, after being named Pupuseria Paty for a long time and I would say, building up a solid brand, a family member decided to up and change the name to Abbi. Everyone in Los Planes has seemed to disregard the new name, but either way, that is the name painted on the building. On this outing, I had my "critic" goggles on and noticed the following items: no functional light in the bathroom, no soap in the bathoom, and the paper dispenser was broken. I was actually surprised, given that this place is so well-known AND that they have a big sign on hung on the main dining room wall about how much care they take to only prepare the food with purified water. In terms of the service... there weren't many people there and it was taking them a long time to take our order. Longer than usual. As for the food, the pupusas were below average tasting and both of us had upset stomachs for the rest of the afternoon. Quite the bummer after I had heard that the place had won the Guinness Book of World Records for largest pupusa ever... I guess largest doesn't necessarily mean "tastiest" or "most hygienic".

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Escrita por Yolan el 2011-08-01 19:13:20
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